You look on Instagram, first result is #hustle #entrepreneur… glamorizing ruining your sanity 24/7 to maybe move the needle a little bit faster.

Then what happens? Burn out. You feel like shit.

Basically, toxic positivity.

You work to live, not live to work, and maybe work a bit smarter to live a bit better.

As much as I hate the word “society” we live in one that glamorizes sacrificing life, happiness, therapy, sleep, physical care for money… in which usually doesn’t even equate to more money, but rather a mental breakdown and an antidepressant.

People quite literally brag about a shit work week where they worked 12 hours everyday, then get positive feedback on it from the hustle culture community.

You do not live to work. The hustle culture is f*cking dumb.

I had a phase where I was working 12 hours a day, going to college for another 4, doing college work, then getting maybe 4 hours of sleep.

Yeah, sure I had money to fly me and my ex out to L.A. at 18… but I also had a mental breakdown for about a year.

It took me grinding my face into the ground following hustle culture to realize it only ends in a massive train wreck.

The hustle isn’t a badge of honor. It’s a death sentence.

The rebirth of yours truly.

After nearly a year hiatus where I didn’t work, numbed myself with drugs, and lived off my previous earnings…

I came to a realization.

It’s about working smart.

It’s about taking care of your sanity, sleeping, having friendships, eating right, getting exercise.

When you have a healthy body & brain, with the ability to optimize your real “hard” tasks, and systemize your “grunt” tasks, you’d be surprised how much work you can cut down on.

Your body is a machine. Take care of it, the machine runs well.

The come back.

Once I started realizing my body was a machine, and the hustle culture was bullshit… guess what?

I was working nearly half as much.

Had a clearer mind, ignored the bullshit clients that want way too much for what they were paying, and focused on the ones who were compatible with me and understood my value

My income actually went up.

So not am I only working less, I’m making more.

I’m no longer living to work, but I still love my craft (copywriting).

I don’t regret what I did, I learned.

But now I can say when I look back… I won’t say, damn I wish I spent more time with friends, family, doing what I like.

Drop the “hustle”, “sleep is for the weak” culture. You’ll thank yourself later.