I’m opted into a lot of different lists.

Across multiple different industries.

Supplements, fitness products, finance… you name it.

It helps in keeping you sharp.

Specifically, when you know some of these businesses are 7-figure businesses.

Sometimes, I’ll get a good swipe out of it and put it into a folder if I think it’s really good for further inspiration.


One little secret I have is if the opt-in has a name field, I always use the name “SpicyDong”.

Today, I received an automated email containing personalization, that in my opinion hilariously failed as follows:



Hey SpicyDong — need a hand?


If you hang around my world long enough, you’ll know I’m a straight to the point kinda guy.

Here’s the thing:


And so on.

Certainly eye catching, for the wrong reasons.

SpicyDong does not in fact need a hand.


“The customer is not a moron. She’s your wife.”

– David Olgivy 

I find it hard to believe there’s any real benefit to using artificial personalization.

I never ask for names on optin forms, nor do I ever create them for clients.

It’s just another chance to build friction and decrease conversion rates.

The only time I do ever ask for them is on copywriting inquiry forms where the information is actually important, knowing I’ll likely hop on a call with them and do in fact need to know their name.

Like Olgivy says, the customer isn’t stupid.

It’s quite obvious the names are automated.

Personalization only holds value when it’s legitimate personalization.

Such as you know, greeting someone by their name when they see you in from of them.

Rather than artificially trying to create the perception I think the best approach is to speak directly to them.

If you have an offer, research your target audience.

Know what keeps your audience up at night.

Know your audiences problem.

Know how your audience talks.

Mimic that in your messaging.

Speak directly to them so well it sounds like you are in fact speaking directly to them.

That’s personalization.

Artificial automated names doesn’t work anymore.

Customers are smarter than you think.

Oh, and if you don’t want to go through all of that trouble…

I could just do it for you.

My two cents for the day,

Colton “SpicyDong” Randolph

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