Yesterday I sent you an email about the VA from hell, and a new ad campaign I launched for a client.

I said the leads were coming in at $3 a pop.

And, well…

This is insane.

Check this out:


Today (so far, only half the daily budget is spent) the ad brought in 23 leads at an average of $1.13 per lead, with 3 different creatives running. 

One of those ads is bringing in the majority at $0.95 cents a lead.

Plus, the ad is still in the learning phase optimizing itself.

These aren’t low-quality leads either.

The leads are the type that would actually buy the product being sold.

I once heard a well known guru say:

“Long-form copy on Facebook doesn’t work.”

“It won’t catch attention and get read.”

The best ad in the campaign is sitting at 40 likes, 2 comments, and 5 shares in the 2nd day.

It’s a 500 word ad.

I’ve also heard gurus say:

“Facebook ads is doomed after the iOS update.”

Which, in all honesty Facebook does seem determined to f*ck up what was once great.

But, it still does work incredibly well.

At least with my style of copy.

Strong stories, emotionally driven, humanistic touches.

Just goes to show you can’t listen to anything but data.

Men lie, women lie, but data never lies. 

If you’re looking to generate high-quality leads for your business, like this ad campaign, with the entire funnel to match…

You’ll want to see this.

Talk soon,


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