I turned in an entire funnel I did for a client about 3 weeks ago.

I’ve been waiting on her VA to plug everything in and make it fancy.

My job is to simply write.

(In this case, also manage the media buying.)

Her VA’s job is to simply make my life hell.

I sent over the Google drive folder that explained everything, had all the VA needed.

Just simply word for word copy it over and make it look pretty.

In which, she changed about 30% of the copy.

Randomly changing things, removing things, adding extra random things.

What should have taken a week ended up taking about 3 weeks to fix everything to make it look like what simply should have been copied over.

In which, it still wasn’t really perfect.

There were still random things wrong.

The email sequence only had 1 out of 14 emails in it, for example.

But, the client was understandably antsy to get it live.

I just decided f*ck it, and pushed it live yesterday night.

For a grand total of $39 spent with 0 leads generated.

The engagement was insane, with 16 likes in the first day, comments, and shares.

I thought to myself:

“That can’t be right.”

So I take a look at the code of the site.

Sure enough, the VA somehow copied the wrong pixel even though it contained it directly at the top of the page saying “put this in the header”.

Then, took a look at the email sequence.

Sure enough.

It wasn’t right.

There were 13 leads generated today (with no other traffic sent to it then the ads) at an average of $3 per lead.

Went back and fixed the FB pixel, too.

Truly, I think the VA is trying to sabotage either this business or my life.

They say if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

But simultaneously, I hold the belief you can either do one thing at 100% or multiple things half-assed. 

That’s why in the long term, the plan is to build a full-scale agency.

Having someone handle sales, another for media buying, a web designer, etc.

In-house, done right… rather than relying on other people.

Just solely having to handle the creative.

Not there yet, but that’s the goal.

That way, I won’t have the VA from hell trying to drag me down with her.

But, hey, growing pains.

I can’t b*tch too much.


If you’re looking to generate high-quality leads like this FB ad campaign for $3 a pop, then…

The details are all here.

The only request is that you have an established business, making sales.

Oh, and that your VA didn’t originate from hell.

Talk soon,


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