Today I was made aware of someone looking for a VSL.

To which, I sent a pitch with an example of a past VSL I’ve created.

The same one I sent to you a while back.

Where the perspective of the VSL was that the viewer watched the VSL being made, and that itself was the pitch.

Very meta.

Anyways, he loved it.

Said it reminded him of a Harmon Brothers VSL.

The same guys that made the Clickfunnels VSL.

He asked my rate, I replied, and he said great.

Sent over the contract, signed off on it.

He then asked, “what should I call you?”

“A very creative person?”

“Creative extraordinaire?”

I stopped him right there.


The rumors are true.

It’s official.

I’m retiring as a copywriter.

I’m now a creative extraordinaire.

It’s funny because if you create the name/title, you control the perspective.

A copywriter is confined to writing copy.

A “creative extraordinaire” could be whatever I want it to be.

It’s not caged in.

You see this done frequently on offers around the internet.

For example:

Digital Marketer was selling an offer based around “tripwires” — the premise was low-ticket offers sold to a cold audience to warm them up.

That isn’t very sexy, though.

So you slap a new name on it.

Now you control the narrative. 

You can set whatever perspective you want.

Consider this:

Would you rather buy a book on dieting?


Would you rather buy a book on a well-kept secret from a seal team 6’s rationing method?

They both do the same thing. 

Teach dieting.

One’s infinitely sexier though.

Even Starbucks does it.

It’s not small, medium, large.

It’s tall, venti, grande.

Once you name it, you own it.

You create whatever perspective around it you want.

So, anyway, I retire.

I’m now a creative extraordinaire. 

Master of making unsexy things sexy.

Alternatively, turning stale and boring words into sexy words that sell.

If that makes the hair on your back tingle like a cold shower…

This is your link.

– Colton

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