Look: getting sales isn’t that hard.

Getting sales is the simple formulaic human psychology of building relationships.

There’s quite literally 5 steps, and if you pay attention all marketers use the same ones.

#1) Introduction

Grab the attention of your audience within the first 8 seconds.

Arguably the most important part. Pattern interrupt, relevant question, etc.

You need attention immediately.

#2) Story

You need to explain who you are, and why they should care about what your saying.

Tell your story that connects with your audience, is relevant, and humanizes you instead of looking like a sleazy marketer.

#3) Content

Feed them. With valuable content, that actually helps.

And makes them think “wow, this person actually knows what they’re talking about!”

#4) Transition

This is the part where you *gasp* transition from content to the pitch.

You have to explain transparently why you’re charging for what your charging for.

Give them an honest reason, explain what problems your solving.

#5) Pitch

Contrary to popular belief, by this point you’ve genuinely already sold them.

You don’t actually sell when you pitch, you’ve either already sold them or lost them.

All you do is present your final offer, bonuses, and a way to pay you, and a final push.

This is literally the 5 steps to sales.

You don’t need a sleazy script.

Look around at nearly any marketer in any niche, they all use this same process.

Just a bit of insight for you.

Don’t over complicate it.

Just follow this 5-step system, try it for yourself, and see that it… shockingly, actually works.

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