How To Gain Momentum When You Have None (And Desperately Need It)

Momentum is the most important thing in business.

When you have momentum, you can continue to use it to grow even more.

And it’s a process that just keeps on building.

The problem is, particularly for beginners, is they simply have none.

And the most difficult part to building momentum is starting.

Here’s a 3 step process to building (and keeping) your momentum — which ultimately means for you, growth.

Step #1: Stop overthinking, get a quick win.

When you go so long making no progress.

Or, simply not winning.

Your mind really deteriorates…

You need to get wins to motivate yourself.

And when your overthinking everything, you aren’t winning.

So what you need to do instead is create that quick win.

Maybe you discount a product a bit.

Or lower your service pricing.

Whatever it takes to get you that quick sale, and that quick win.

Because that win builds momentum, and it makes you feel good.

You can take that win, that momentum, and that energy.

And use it to create even more wins and momentum.

Step #2: Launch your momentum, and guard it.

Once you establish a quick win.

Or a couple of quick wins.

And you start building momentum.

Continue building it.

Do more things, better things.

Make more money.

Do better all around.

And guard your momentum.

If you lose your momentum?

It’ll take forever to get it back.

So whatever you do keep winning, keep building your confidence and confidence points.

Guard that momentum.

Only good things come out of it.

Step #3: Continue to challenge yourself and win.

Part of building momentum is not just winning.

Its both winning and growing.

In order to truly build momentum, you have to win, sure.

But you have to challenge yourself to new levels.

There’s always another level you can grow or scale to.

And there’s always an area lacking in you as an individual or your business.

So, the point being:

  1. Grow your momentum.
  2. Guard your momentum (never move backwards).
  3. Challenge yourself.

Some people think:

All I need is this one thing, then when I get it I’ll be good.

But it never works like that.

It’s all about continuous growth, and reiteration.

Goals are great, but there should never be an end goal.

What really matters is just simply starting.

And building momentum.

And guarding that momentum.

And then challenging yourselves to new levels.

Stagnation is dangerous.

In your consulting, or coaching business..

If your not building momentum.

If your not consistently getting new clients every month.

If your not increasing your pricing.

Your not building momentum.

And that’s very dangerous.


For two reasons:

  1. It effects your confidence and mental state (depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, and burn out set in).
  2. When you stagnate and don’t grow, you ultimately are dying or will be completely dead soon.

You always need to be growing momentum, and improving.

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