I’ve spoken about John Carlton before, the copywriter of copywriters.

In one of his books, he mentions “stalking the desk” which is when you know you have to write something, but you have writer’s block.

So, you’re sitting at your desk, staring at your screen waiting for your fingers to write words, or just pacing around your desk.

And the theory to combat “stalking your desk” is to simply get away from your desk when nothings coming out of it.

For example:

I’ve mentioned in the past I used to have a software product called Cart Grab, I had sunk a ridiculous amount of money in it.

I was super stressed, but finally, after months and over 50 grand, the MVP product was ready.

I had a list of like 7,000 people and I knew I was going to launch it on a webinar, I was incredibly anxious about writing the slides.

Because it was make or break.

I had sunk so much money in it, and to be honest, I didn’t even really know if it would sell well.

Every time I sat down to write that webinar script nothing would come out.

I sat there like 2 days staring at my computer, stalking my desk, rewriting it time and time again.

Finally, I just said fuck it, went out with my friends to the bar.

That entire time the script was still in the back of my mind.

And out of nowhere, I had just got it.

I had figured out the hook I wanted to use, the unique selling point, and the offer.

So I got home at like 2 am, slammed some coffee, and spent like 2 hours writing it.

Emailed the webinar out to my list a couple of times, then presented it a week later.

That launch webinar went on to make 10 grand in an hour.

It all finally came together at an unexpected time, when I wasn’t forcing it.

So, the theory is when you’re “stalking your desk” get away from the computer.

Do anything else.

And the second it comes to you (which it will) go straight to your desk.

Only sit at your computer when those words are burning to come out, don’t force it.

Thoughts for the day,


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