I live in Wichita, KS.

The biggest city in Kansas.

We get pretty much every season here.

It gets hot during summer.

Spring gets rainy.

During fall, it starts getting cooler, and leaves start dropping.


We actually get snow.

Usually later January or early February. 

Last night it snowed about 5-7 inches here, depending on where you’re at in the city. 

So I wake up to what would normally be a snow day.

Think about going snowkyo drifting, but then I realize I have a FWD car that can actually handle the snow unlike my previous RWD Mustang.

So I settled upon making some food.

Speaking of food, last night I had to go to a grocery store and damn near had to bear mace a grandma for some $7 organic milk, the only thing left on the shelves. 

I then bonded with another 50-year-old black grandma that constantly called me “honey” and we proceeded to get our grocery shopping done together.

(True story.)

Continuing on:

As I’m scavenging for food with my grandma friend, we stop upon the chips aisle.

In which, I locate my favorite chips.

Takis, and Chex mix.

On the Chex bag, it profoundly states:

“Now 20% more flavor!”

I think, okay cool, more seasoning.

We continue on and arrive at the ice cream section, which is mandatory if you think you’re going to be trapped inside like a polar bear hibernating. 

I grab the classic cookies and cream, in which, I notice it too profoundly states:

“Now 20% more cookies!”

Notice any consistencies? 

These companies aren’t saying “Now 20% cheaper!”


Instead, they’re making their existing offer better.

Pricing itself isn’t an advertising technique. 

Sure, it’s relevant. 

Your audience needs to be able to afford what you’re selling.

But it should never be the selling point.

Rather than competing on price…

Compete for the better offer.

A good offer is 50% of copywriting.

Even the world’s best copy is going to have a much tougher time selling an offer nobody wants.

That’s why when I work with clients I’ll sometimes tweak their offer or at least the perception of it.

Gary Halbert at his mastermind used to ask his students something along the lines of:

“If I wanted a burger, how would you sell me it?”

Most people said something along the lines of I would produce the best bun, I would have organic meat, I would have the lowest price, etc.

Gary then responded:

“All I want is a starving crowd.”

Meaning, an effective offer to a starving audience overpowers everything else.

And making your offer even better, such as adding in bonuses like Chex and my cookies and cream ice cream only makes a better offer great.

Certainly don’t think the lowest pricing is what sells.

That being said…

If you are hungry for a killer offer, and the copy to match…

This is your link.

Talk soon,

Colton “Eskimo” Randolph

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