Should you use WordPress? Will it work for you?

WordPress is widely used by all kinds of entrepreneurs, in all kinds of markets and niches.

The real question is: should you use WordPress?

Will it work for your business?

Is it good for more than just a blog?

The answer to this, in short is yes.

WordPress has evolved well outside of “just a blog”.

You can do nearly anything with it, such as…

  • Blogging (duh)
  • Membership sites
  • Sales funnels
  • Full blown sites (page builders, such as OptimizePress)
  • eCommerce
  • Literally anything you could do on nearly any other platform

With WordPress’s plugin system, you can piece together about anything you’d want.

(But make sure the plugins you use are secure, don’t just use anything.)

Sure, it takes a bit of tweaking but once you’ve invested a wee bit of time into it, you’re golden.

It’s been around forever, it’s here to stay, and more importantly it’s free and open source.

So, to answer the ultimate question…

Sure, use WordPress.

It’s about just as good as anything else you could find.

It’s here to stay.

And with some minor tweaks, you can do nearly anything you want.

All you need to get started is a cheap (but quality) webhost such as BlueHost.

They even have a one click installer for WordPress, so you literally don’t have to touch any code.

You’ll have your WordPress site up in running in no time.

Get at it, tiger. 🙂