If you clicked on this page, you’re probably wondering how many Lamborghini’s are in my garage.

And well, to answer your question… I don’t have a Lamborghini, nor a garage.

I digress, most of these “about me” pages are incredibly boring filled with accolades you don’t care about — I’ll skip all of that.Ā 

In short: I’m a freelance copywriter and content marketing strategist.

I got my start online dropshipping on Shopify with some decent results, but I grew tired of it.

So… I started a SaaS company called Cart Grab, made back my investment on it and in the process fell in love with the art of writing copy.

I closed that SaaS company (my heart wasn’t in it), and doubled down on my service based brand.

Since then, I’ve doing freelance copywriting, goin’ on 3 years now.Ā 

Currently serving businesses in plenty of niches writing copy, and providing content marketing that actually delivers results.

All in in all, life is great, and I hope to either provide you with information that helps through my blog.

Or being able to directly help you through my copywriting &Ā content marketing services.

– Colton