My Story

Who is Colton Randolph? (A.K.A, “About Me”)

Hi, I’m Colton Randolph.

A lot of “about me” pages are incredibly boring, third person, and can’t keep interest worth anything.

So, I’ll try to keep this one short, interesting, and simple — spoken to you just like you’re a friend sitting next to me (which you basically are).

I’m a 20 year old entrepreneur & digital marketer.

Bottom line is I like creating interesting projects.

I’ve been doing this since 13, when I first started a gameserver hosting company.

Specialized in Minecraft servers, we got a couple of customers but ultimately we fizzled out.

But — this experience left the taste of understanding it was possible to actually make “magical internet money” with digital based services and products.

(This was really important for me to first get that real taste of the freedom entrepreneurship provides, even if the “business” was closed pretty quickly.)

Later down the road, I had worked at Little Caesars.

And I hated it.

So much in fact, it sparked my desire to pursue entrepreneurship and actual freedom again.

Leading to me opening my first eCommerce store, what would be my first “real business”.

After I started it, I struggled for a very long time, for the same reason as before — I didn’t know how to market or sale my products.

It took me a lot of trial and error before realizing all I needed to understand was marketing, then funding the projects would follow with that mastery of skill.

Eventually I strengthened my marketing abilities just like any other muscle and successfully launched my first Yoga online store.

During this process, I even developed my own eCommerce store platform software to solve the own issues I was experiencing myself with the software I was using at the time.

Using my same marketing knowledge, I was able to grow this platform to profitability (named Cart Grab).

I successfully ran it for a while, however I realized my consulting business was much more profitable, and Cart Grab was taking much more time from me than I wanted, making my consulting business suffer in the process.

So, regardless of the fact I sunk over $100,000 in Cart Grab, I shut it down a little after a year.


Because focus — I knew if I doubled down on consulting, eventually transforming into a full blown marketing digital agency, it would be worth my time. And simply stated, it was.

Ever since, I’ve been generating results for consultants, service providers, experts, and digital agency owners, simply stated — I generate explosive growth with done-for-you funnels, my programs, and other services.

My team and I get down in the trenches and from an outside perspective, quite literally plug the leaks that are draining money RIGHT NOW that you could be making otherwise.

So, that’s who I am, and what I’m all about 🙂

If you’d like to work with me, click here.

Otherwise, click here to go to my blog.

It’s got tons of valuable digital marketing, and other entrepreneurial related content on it waiting for you :-).

– Colton Randolph


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