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Is email marketing dead? Are chat bots the hot new thing?

Ever since chat bots hit the scene, every marketer has been screaming about how email is dead.

Which, is partially true.

It’s not dead, but it’s not as engaging as it used to be.

I mean… think about it, how many emails do you get in a day?

How many junk emails that you don’t even read, or click it and close the email immediately do you get in a day?

I bet a ton.

Which means two things:

  1. Consumers are jaded, they’re used to junk emails.
  2. Clearly it still works because you’re still being sent them.

On the other hand…

You probably check just about any Facebook messages you receive right?

The reason being is simple, messaging is much more personal.

Be that from a business or a person, it feels more intimiate, connected.

There’s something about seeing “you have a new message”…

That’s just way more inticing than “you have a new email.

One makes you think “oh great, another ad.” vs. “Oh what did Colton have to say?”.

So, is email dead? Are chat bots the future?

Here’s the deal:

  1. Emails not dead, it’ll be around for a long time.
  2. Chat bots could be the future, but email still certainly has a place.

You most likely will get better engagements with chat bots.

But, at the same time chat bots carry a much bigger risk.

Facebook, or any platform, could shut down your account at any moment.

You could lose all of your hard work in a snap.

(It’s happened to many of my marketing friends too.)

Plus, they’ve stopped their messaging service for businesses overnight before, too.

Facebook is extremely strict on whats allowed in your messages as well.

Email on the other hand, you own that list… forever.

No one can take away your list.

You earned that email.

It’s your data.

Worst case scenario, you can just move email marketing platforms.

So, really here’s what you should do:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Use both of them.

Why limit yourself?

Get as much exposure for your brand as possible.

Go for both an email opt-in, and a messenger opt-in.