Everyone wants to know. Is blogging even worth it?

Or should I just publish content on Youtube, Facebook, or X, Y, and Z of the next social media platform.

Short answer is… yes, and no.

Interest has been dying in blogging as a whole as other mediums pop up.

People are still saying SEO and keywords are dead.

So, let’s elaborate:

Does more competition exist now?


Is it harder to get your blog seen, ranked in top of Google?


Is it impossible?


Is it still a great free traffic channel for your business?


Understand you don’t have to follow trends.

Blogging was once a trend.

It was the new thing around the block, now Youtube, social media, and beyond are.

And that’s okay. You can use all of them.

You can re-purpose your blog into other parts of social media too.

But just because it’s not the “hot new thing” doesn’t mean its not worthwhile anymore.

Content marketing is king, your blog is front and center.

Your blog is a way to speak to your entire audience.

To educate them. To get them to believe you’re actually an authority in your market and know what you’re talking about.

It’s essentially, a digital portfolio.

When people go to your site, they don’t trust you.

The more they know you, learn from you, the more they trust you.

When your content is genuinely good… it’s one of the most effective ways to increase your sales.

Content and copy go hand in hand. If both are good, you win.

And when a blog post gets ranked in Google… that’s a lot of free leads coming your way providing your content is genuinely helpful.

So… is blogging dead?


Businesses are still using content marketing to generate leads and sales as much as ever.

Sure, it’s evolved, you use social media to get more visits towards your blog, SEO tactics have evolved… and so on.

But by no means is it dead. It just takes a little elbow grease.

So, don’t be scared. Things change.

It doesn’t mean the old ways still don’t work.

Get to blogging 😉