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How To Create An Offer Your Potential Clients Can’t Refuse (Irresistable Offers)

Anyone can create an offer.

But, can you create an offer that literally sales itself? An irresistible offer.

The answer is probably no.

The reality is — any offer is continually reiterated, and improved with feedback from your audience.

But — In this blog post, I’ll give you a pretty good formula to crafting an offer that sales itself right off the bat.

First off, the only thing that matters is the outcome.

The result of your offer is what matters.

At any point, in any copy, in any discussion that leads to a sale, you should only focus on the outcome, the result.

Your client doesn’t care about you in the slightest.

You know what they care about?

What your going to do for them, how you’re benefiting them.

Sure, stories connect, and it’s okay to identify with them.

But make sure your not only talking about yourself.

They don’t care about:

“How you made X amount of money”, or “How I lost 7lbs with this Keto Diet”, or whatever your offer is.

However, when you take that result, that case study, and then they identify with you using copy, stories and such, that’s okay.

Because that leads to your offer, they identify with that result because they want that same result.

Make sense?

In short — only focus on the outcome, their result.

Throughout all of your presale content, and the actual sales media.

Focus on the outcome for THEM, only talking about yourself when it relates to them and the result that target audience would want. 

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Secondly, even before you present your offer generate tons of goodwill.

Everyone should be producing low laying content.

On things like blogs, Youtube, or a simple Facebook Ad to lead magnet, squeeze page where you email content out to your list.

Provide content upfront.

That content should address objections.

What would your potential client object to your offer?

Use valuable content and at the same time address your clients objections.

Answer their questions, even if their negative.

Everyone has objections.

It’s better you answer them for them, because they’ll be thinking skeptical or negative thoughts.

“Will this work for me at X stage?”

“What if I’m a total beginner?”

“I’m a single mom, will your gym program work for me?”

“Do you have any proof of your results?”

“I bought another course from another guy and didn’t get any results, what makes yours any different?”

Throughout your valuable content, answer these objections.

Your not only providing legitimately valuable content, generating goodwill, trust, and authority.

But you’re also answering their objections leading to a much easier sale.

The hardest part of a sale is removing the objections, when you reform belief patterns before the actual sale even occurs (like on a strategy call).

It leads to a sale that can quite literally sale itself.

You remove the friction of the sale.

Third, your offer has to alleviate pain and satisfy desire.

Sell something your client needs, not wants.

That’s the quickest way to raise your prices.

It’s in higher demand.

It has to be a deep pain and desire.

Such as:

Someone deathly obese has a major pain they NEED to get in shape. Your dieting program solves their deepest desire, to be fit. Healthy.

Someone who has been struggling to scale their business, plateaued, depressed. He has money saved up from a past success, but now feels like a failure, a perfect ideal client. Past success, so he’s not broke and can pay you for real results that solve his deepest pain, and biggest desire — to no longer be depressed, successful, thriving, and feeling good.

Those are two examples.

Your offer really needs to dig deep and truly fix a pain, and satisfy a desire.

That’s the biggest key to raising your pricing.

And you need to truly deliver that result.

The bigger the result, the better the outcome, the more pain alleviated, the more the satisfy is desired — the more you can charge (but make sure you can deliver it!).

When you have both of those aspects, you have an offer worth 2k, 5k, 10k, or more…

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Finally, understand value perception.

Your product is not worth your labor, or hard costs.

Your product is worth the perceived value of it.

Your product is worth the value you provide, the result, the outcome. 

Nothing else.

When you solve a clients deep pain, they value you a lot.

The value must outweigh the monetary costs.

So, give more value than the monetary value is worth.

You can do this by selling something that will save or make them money (obvious result/benefit).

Or by an emotional benefit that’s higher than the monetary cost.

That’s how you charge higher ticket pricing.

Understanding you owe it to your clients to generate your clients that result.

So get a result your clients actually NEED, charge your worth so you can deliver a real result.

It’s all about how the value is perceived, and how you package it.

Piecing it all together…

  • Provide value upfront, good will, address objections before you even pitch anything.
  • Focus on the result, the outcome, and how you benefit them.
  • Identify with them, show them how you relate, how you were once in the same situation, and how your offer can benefit them.
  • Charge high ticket pricing (2k, 5k, 10k or even more). That way you can generate a big result that your clients actually want. You owe it to them.
  • Make sure your offer solves a big pain, and satisfy’s a big desire. Pricing is only based on the perceived value of your product, so make sure it’s worth more than monetary costs.

And that’s how you create an irresistible offer.

One that can quite literally sale itself.

Don’t overthink it, use these guidelines and craft your offer.

Then pitch it to at least 10 people, get feedback.

See how well your offer does, and reiterate it based off these guidelines.

Basically, these guidelines, plus, reiteration…

That’s how you craft a perfect (irresistible) offer!

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