Marketing and dating sounds like two entirely different things, right?


Here’s why:

A good marketer knows his exact target audience.

Anyone with a brain that’s in the dating game does too.

For example, if you’re in the dating game you won’t go to a bar to find a wife.

If you’re a marketer, you won’t try to sell makeup to a 40 year old man that enjoys hunting.

Both a smart dater and marketer know their type.

When it comes to finding them… you’ll know where to find them.

Going off the bar example earlier, you won’t find a wife at a bar.

If you’re a marketer looking for CEO’s, you’re better off on LinkedIn than Pinterest.

You know where your type hangs out.

After that?

You’re not afraid to put yourself out there.

Marketing and dating are both the game of building relationships.

You know it takes engagement and nurturing to build real relationships.

You don’t get into a relationship overnight, nor do you make a sale to a stranger overnight.

It takes following up. Nurturing. Relationship building.

You both know how to engage and nurture relationships.

Purpose is up next.

Both a marketer and someone in the dating game have a purpose.

You have to have a cohesive brand and messaging.

It needs to be crystal clear what your mission is, what you stand for, and what you want.

You have to be a great communicator in either field.

And finally… you don’t rely on luck.

You have a clear idea of how to win over your prospect or ideal significant other.

Blindly hoping you make a sale or make someone fall in love with you won’t ever work.

You know how to keep yourself on the top of their head.

A marketer might set up an auto-responder with drip-fed emails.

Someone in the dating game might send the occasional text.

But either way, you know your goal is to build a relationship and position yourself as the one you want.

So, in otherwords…

Marketing and dating are a lot alike.

It all comes down to nurturing and building relationships, with a little bit of psychology built in.

Either way, a good marketer makes a great dater 😉