It’s not a secret, growing your website is key to leads, and leads are key to conversions.

Without fresh eyes, you can never expect to make sales.

The more eyes on your offer… the more sales you make.

Over the past year I’ve been focused on organic channels, and producing good quality content on my blog.

In fact I completely quit emailing my list, to just focus solely on organic growth and fresh new eyes.

The result?

2565 visitors this week, with a constant increase week to week.

All organic traffic, no paid advertising, no emailing my list.

So how did I do this?

It’s simple really.

The first step is… produce good content.

Google doesn’t want a spammy site with spammed backlinks to get ranked.

And my site is by far not the most authoritative.

But it’s good enough to get the job done with specific targets for SEO.

It’s not all about ranking either, good content can produce shares, and good engagement on social media (which a lot of my traffic comes from, too).

Next? Get some backlinks and social signals.

There’s plenty of ways to get backlinks.

Some people offer them for money.

Others you can guest post for their blog with a link back to your site.

For them? Free content.

For you? More authority towards your domain.

Social signals are free as well, I’ve built a following on a few platforms, which I share and others share on their own as well.

Backlinks and social signals play a huge part in building your website.

When you put all this together…

And a lil’ bit of work and time too, you can start opening the organic flood gates.

The best part?

You control organic traffic.

An ad platform can’t just shut you down overnight and your entire business collapses.

Then when you throw some email lead magnets on your site, you can capture that organic traffic and warm it up too.

One last thing:

Make sure your site loads fast, and it’s mobile responsive.

A ton of traffic is from mobile now.

Google cares a lot about loading speeds too.

My simple solution is just WordPress, a responsive theme, and a good caching plugin.

So, in conclusion…

How I managed to spend a year focused on organic traffic and started getting 2565 organic visitors a week, and growing… is simple.

I focused on:

  • Growing my sites authority (social signals, backlinks)
  • Using social media to spread my content (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Producing good content
  • Staying persistent
  • Making sure my sites optimal

When you do all this with a little patience and work, you’ll be able to start gettin’ the good old organic traffic flowing.

I’ll be making an updated post to this in the future to detail my growth, so stay tuned 🙂

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