Everyone Needs A Digital Presence In 2019. That's Why I Want To Host Your Website For Free.

For The Next Generation Of Creators (Students, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Etc)

Hi, I'm Colton.

Ever since I was 13, I've had a website of some kind.

I've started way too many projects to count, and to be honest I started off on extremely free, and excuse my language, but shit website hosts.

That's exactly why I'm offering this.

You'll get the benefit of a premium hosts, I'll eat all the costs, and in return you can host one website, whatever you'd like, for free, as long as I run this project (which if I ever close it down, I'll give you a heads up notice so you can backup your site).

In short: this is me doing my very small part of giving back, I can easily afford to host 100 sites, and being a creative myself, I don't mind giving back to other creatives.

The only thing I ask? Whatever you do, do it well, and when you have the opportunity, pass something on and help another creator along the way.

In short: I get nothing for doing this, I legitimately just wanted to give back.

Here's The Requirements (Ruh, roh)

Dude, Just Shut Up And Give Me A Free Site Already

Ok speedracer, all you have to do is fill out a quick application and if you qualify (which it's not hard to do) I'll email you the info with a control panel for your new free site.

It includes 1GB of disk space, unlimited traffic, email hosting (your custom domain), and a 1-click installer so you can install any software, like WordPress which this site is running on right now.

Note: You will need to provide your own domain (domain.com) unless you want to use a subdomain of my site (domain.coltonrandolph.com).