They laughed when I said I was going to become a freelancer…

…but when I made $2,850 in my first month.

I remember the day vividly.

I was out with some friends at a boba tea place.

Conversations were flowing.

Then, the good old I hate my job conversation came up.

To which, I replied (shockingly):

“Hey, I hate my job too!”

“In fact, I’m thinking about quitting to start freelancing.”

To crickets.

Even a bit of laughter, as if I was joking.

I’m hard-headed, though, so I gave it a shot.

It just so happened to work out.

Because, well… this is past tense, and you’re about to learn about how I made it happen.

Oh, and by the way, I’m Colton Randolph.

Here's a fancy mugshot:


Real person.

Beep boop 10101010101.

Oops, sorry about that, continuing on...

The hard-headed (past and present) freelance copywriter (present).

So sit down, and buckle in, my fellow freelancer (or soon-to-be freelancer).

You’re in for a valuable ride.

First, let’s get something out of the way...

I’m a freelancer copywriter.

But that doesn’t matter to you.

This doesn’t just apply to copywriters.

This applies to anyone with a skill or service.

It doesn’t matter if you’re:

  • A copywriter.
  • A graphic designer.
  • A web developer.
  • An animator.
  • An email marketer.
  • A content writer.
  • A virtual assistant.
  • A data scraper.
  • An accountant.
  • A PR person.
  • A UI or UX designer.
  • A programmer.
  • A legal consultant.
  • And beyond.

You don’t even need a portfolio.

You could be a complete beginner and it’ll still work for you.

Without further a due, let’s dive in.

My quite truly painful beginning:

I hit the ground running.

I tried this “gig posting site”, and I received messages from incredibly low-quality prospects.

I managed to make $250 (which I’m not even counting towards that $2850).

That was quite truly painful.

Underpriced, answering countless messages from people who didn’t even order.

I could tell it wasn’t going to work.

So, then I thought of running ads.

I had experience running ads in the past.

(At one point, I ran a small software company I used to run ads for.)

But there’s a problem with that:

You have to sift through thousands of full people to find one hungry person.

Instead, you want to directly find a hungry crowd.

It’s much, much easier selling to a hungry crowd.

Someone who has a need for what you’re selling.

I discovered upon a gem that just so happened to have that hungry crowd.

And I started pitching my services.

Wanna guess what happened?


Crickets, again.

I worked on my pitch again, bit by bit.

Making it personable.

Making it seem like I wasn’t just sending out mass cold pitches.

Started getting a bit of a response here and there, but no bites.

So I went back and looked at the job post I had posted for the software company I used to run.

All of the pitches that kept my attention all shared a common theme.

I made a pitching template.

I call it:


Using A.I.V.Q. I started sending out some more pitches.

Guess what happened?

I landed my first gig!

It wasn’t much, but it was enough to motivate me.

So I get that job done and keep pitching.

I immediately land another one, for a software company:

I get the job done, submit it.

He loves it so much he decides to hire me on for another:


Okay, things are really rolling now.

I realize by this point A.V.I.Q. works like crazy and decide to go for another client right away.

I send a pitch for the biggest client yet:

We schedule a call.

And at the end of that call?

Well, I’ll be damned…

Another $1,500 closed.

That brings the total to $2850 made in my first month.

All from:

  1. Finding a hungry crowd.
  2. Using a simple pitching technique I named A.I.V.Q.

And I didn’t have to spend a single dollar on advertising.

Who’s laughing now?

I’m sippin’ on my boba tea and living life on my terms.


Throughout this process…

I came to a realization:

All freelancers have 3 fundamental problems.

I mean, literally, every single one of them.


They’re scared of rejection.

People experience traumatic experiences throughout life.

You can’t tell me in school at some point you weren’t rejected.

It could have been in dodgeball.

It could have been from that one girl/guy you like.

But it’s happened.

We carry those experiences with us.

And it affects us throughout life.

People, in particular, freelancers are simply afraid of rejection.

They think:

“If I don’t try, I can’t be rejected.”

So they stay stuck.

You’re going to get rejected.

It’s a fact of life.

Not everyone is going to like you.

Not everyone is an ideal client.

But you’ll also be accepted and appreciated.

You’ve gotta have confidence in yourself.

This leads me to the second issue freelancers have:

They think they need a better portfolio.

What job have you ever had that expects you to be 100% ready the first day?

None of them.

A portfolio is like a bachelor's degree.

A way to get your foot in the door.

It should have just enough.

A lot of times, people use a portfolio as a way to procrastinate.

They’re afraid of rejection.

They’re afraid of getting in the trenches.

They think they’re not good enough.

So procrastinating is just an easy way out, rather than actually getting in the trenches.

Now for the third and final biggest issue:

They simply don’t know how to pitch.

The root problem is they’re pitching to people who don’t need their service (not a hungry crowd).

Beyond that:

They send out mass pitches.

Sounding like a robot.

Pitching has gotten a bad rep from people who simply don’t know how to do it.

When someone reads your pitch they should think:

“Hmm, this guy resonates with me and sounds like they know what they’re talking about, I should give him a try.”


“This guy is super f*cking annoying. Blocked.”

You can’t send a blanket pitch out that appeals to everyone.

When you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

Speak specifically, personably, like you’re sitting across the table from them.

That’s what A.I.V.Q. does, but even further.

Once you solve these 3 fundamental issues, getting things rolling is a piece of cake.

Good news for you:

I wrote a book that solves all of these issues for you.

Teaching you a radically different and new way to start (and grow) a freelancing career.

Aptly titled:

"Freelancer Freedom"

It gives you the answers you desperately need to know.

Sometimes, giving you the answers to your questions before you even know you have them.


“Okay, I used A.I.V.Q. and got a response to my pitch, what do I do now?”


“I landed my first client, how do I increase the lifetime value of the client?”

And so on.

It takes things much further than just the 3 fundamental issues above.

If you want to start, or accelerate the growth of your freelancing career, you’ll want to grab a copy.

Inside Freelancer Freedom, here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • The biggest perception shift you need in order to become comfortable with the uncomfortable to grow. (Page 8)
  • The business model I ran that was bringing in $18,100 dollars of revenue a day, and why I closed it down. (Page 12)
  • Building my software company & my first discovery of what a successful pitch that gets read should look like. (Page 16)
  • Why I spent $50,000 on a software company just to shut it down. (Page 18)
  • The realization of the monetizable skill I had learned throughout all of these other ventures. (Page 19)
  • Why most people have monetizable skills they’ve obtained and they don’t even realize it. (Page 20)
  • The perfect no inventory, no investment cash flow business model. (Page 21)
  • The most common freelancer objections they need to reframe their perspective on. (Page 21)
  • The “MVP portfolio” method that gets your foot in the door with clients ASAP. (Page 22)
  • How I had started getting clients through two popular means just for both of those client streams essentially vanish overnight. (Page 25)
  • Why pitching is single handedly the best approach for service based businesses. (Page 25)
  • The hungry crowd platform I discovered from my software company that has thousands of businesses who desperately need your service. (Page 25)
  • The first version of my pitch that got responses, but no clients. (Page 27)
  • How to sell yourself. (Page 28)
  • Answering the “what if I don’t even have a portfolio yet?” question. (Page 31)
  • How to create a “MVP portfolio” in under an hour that converts clients. (Page 31)
  • An alternative to the “MVP portfolio” that takes a bit longer, but potentially work better for certain types of services. (Page 31)
  • The one thing your portfolio should be focused on (it’s not having massive amounts of random work). (Page 32)
  • How I quickly got a job, and a testimonial. (Page 37)
  • How I landed my second job, and increased the client value from $200 to $1,200 with the exact pitch used. (Page 38)
  • The reiteration from the original pitch I was using, and discovering the A.I.V.Q. method. (Page 39)
  • The number one goal of any pitch. (Page 40)
  • What exactly A.I.V.Q. stands for, and the purpose of it. (Page 41)
  • Using A.I.V.Q. to land a $1,500 client, showing the exact pitch I used, and the purpose behind all of the individual parts of it. (Page 44)
  • The various different platforms the A.I.V.Q. pitching method can be used on. (Page 48)
  • The exact steps you need to take to put this all into action ASAP. (Page 49)
  • How to make more money from clients with value positioning. (Page 51)
  • Why a lot of people can’t get success from pitching. (Page 56)
  • How to accelerate your pitching and get in front of a lot of eyeballs quick. (Page 57)
  • Why “if you’re not first you’re last” from Ricky Bobby is wrong. (Page 57)
  • Why it’s good to feel like an impostor. (Page 58)
  • Answering the “do I have to hop on calls?” question. (Page 59)
  • How to address client objections on your pricing. (Page 60)
  • Answering the “should I follow up with clients?” question. (Page 62)
  • No means yes (using perception re-framing to your advantage). (Page 63)
  • How to get people to take risks even though they desperately want to avoid it. (Page 65)
  • How I went from being a broke drunk to building a successful freelancing career. (Page 66)
  • What to do if you don’t land your first pitch (the solution is incredibly simple). (Page 67)
  • Why making too much money can be bad. (Page 67)
  • How to scale your freelancing career efficiently. (Page 68)
  • The worst case scenario from following my advice (hint, it’s not that bad). (Page 70)

That’s just some of what you’ll learn.

The book is a short read, 72 pages, designed to be read in one sitting.

But it’s incredibly meaty with actionable advice.

This isn’t a fiction book, after all.

It’ll teach you how to go from zero clients, working at a job you hate, to having the freedom freelancing creates.

It’ll change your pitch responses from:

“F*ck off.”


“What’s your rates?”

I mean, seriously…

Imagine if you could land just one big client.

Let’s say a $1,500 client like I closed.

(Which isn’t really that big of a client, by the way.)

That’s enough money for the majority of people to pay necessary bills.

Now imagine if you could land 4 of them a month.

That’s $6,000.

Above the medium salary in the United States.

All by pitching using a unique new method (A.I.V.Q.) to a hungry crowd.

It’s extremely possible.

By now you might be saying:

“Okay, this all sounds good, but what’s the price?”

Here’s the deal:

This book was going to sell for $47.

However, I was thinking about the fact I want this into as many hands as possible.

So... I decided today, I’m going to slash that price.

To a grand total of $27.

It was right here when I originally paused writing this letter to you.

You see... I got a bit hungry.

So, I took a trip to McDonald's.

Got a Big Mac meal.

The total for it came out to $7.70.

I realized I wanted this to be even more affordable.

As in... more affordable than a Big Mac.

Because who can’t afford a Big Mac?

So instead of $47 $27….

Today you can get it for a whopping $6.97.

(Yes, that was a play on Burger King, by the way.)

Less than the price of a Big Mac combo from McDonald's.

Just to settle your nerves, too…

Unlike McDonald’s…

You’re covered by my 30-day refund guarantee.

Even if it’s 29-days and 23 hours later.

To be fair to McDonald’s, it’d be pretty nasty if you tried to take a burger back 29 days and 23 hours later.

Though, I think those things have enough preservatives in them to survive a nuclear apocalypse.

I digress:

If for any reason you don’t love Freelancer Freedom, you’ll get all of your money back.

If you don’t see results, I insist you don’t pay me a dime.


I’ll even let you keep the book for good measure and wasting your time.

Sound good?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

"Where's the catch?"

There’s no catch.

My sinister plan is to actually help you start or improve your freelancing career so you hire me for consulting later.

In other words:

My goal is to make you a lot of money, so you can pay me a small percentage of it later to help you make even more money.

There’s no hidden recurring offer you’re signing up for by getting this book.

It’s instantly accessible via a PDF download after you buy Freelancer Freedom, too.

There’s no shipping, or long waits.

Plus, I'm throwing in something extra:

I'd like to literally hand you, red hot potential clients.

Is that alright with you?

If so, here's how I'm doing it:

I made a little bot named Freedom Bot.

So, you're not only discovering a huge "hungry crowd"...

With Freedom Bot, you'll be the first to know who's ready to take a bite out of your delicious service-based pie.

It's set up inside a Discord to instantly inform you about red hot potential clients before anybody else knows about them.

You can get instant notifications to your desktop, or phone that look like this:

You're literally getting handed people begging to buy what you're selling.

If you can send off that A.I.V.Q. pitch before anyone else even becomes aware of the potential client?

Well, you're way ahead of the game, bucko.

This is going to go for $27 in the future, but if you act now, you can get this for FREE.

It's safe to say...

This offer is extremely limited in quantity.

While I want to get this out to as many people as possible, it’s not feasible to sell it for $6.97 for very long.

Especially with the $27 bonus included for free.

I’m essentially breaking even on every copy sold.

If I pull this offer down, it’s over.

And the price isn’t ever coming back.

So you need to get your copy now:

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Colton Randolph

P.S. If you’re like me and skimmed through this entire page (I can’t blame you)…

I’d like to give you a 72-page book that shows you exactly how to start or accelerate your freelancing career.

Inside you’ll find a hungry crowd that desperately needs your service, the exact pitch (A.I.V.Q.) to use that closes deals, and more.

All without spending a single dollar on advertising.

All you pay is a measly $6.97, and receive instant access via a PDF download.

I'm also throwing in a $27 bonus for free, Freedom Bot, so you're quite literally handed red hot potential clients begging to buy what you have to sell.

I basically break even on this offer, so I can’t run this offer very long.

The next time you try to access this page, it might be gone.

And if it is, it isn’t coming back.

There’s no catch.

You won’t get enrolled in some recurring offer or anything.

Plus, it’s covered by a 30-day refund guarantee.

So if you’re looking to get your freelance career rolling as you want, and the freedom that accompanies it…

Click here to claim your copy now.

You won’t regret it.

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