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A.I.V.Q Insider Video

Would you like to get a two-part training video I call A.I.V.Q. Insider? In part one, I break down an entire $1,500 pitch word by word, record my entire research process in finding a new client, write out a pitch in front of you, and send off a pitch. In part two, I record a follow-up to landing the client from part one (because this stuff actually works) breaking it down word by word. Normally $97, but yours today for $47 for getting a copy of Freelancer Freedom.

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Freelancer Freedom

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Includes FREE bonus access to Freedom Bot
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Here's just some of what you'll learn:

  • The biggest perception shift you need in order to become comfortable with the uncomfortable to grow. (Page 8)
  • The business model I ran that was bringing in $18,100 dollars of revenue a day, and why I closed it down. (Page 12)
  • Building my software company & my first discovery of what a successful pitch that gets read should look like. (Page 16)
  • Why I spent $50,000 on a software company just to shut it down. (Page 18)
  • The realization of the monetizable skill I had learned throughout all of these other ventures. (Page 19)
  • Why most people have monetizable skills they’ve obtained and they don’t even realize it. (Page 20)
  • The perfect no inventory, no investment cash flow business model. (Page 21)
  • The most common freelancer objections they need to reframe their perspective on. (Page 21)
  • The “MVP portfolio” method that gets your foot in the door with clients ASAP. (Page 22)
  • How I had started getting clients through two popular means just for both of those client streams essentially vanish overnight. (Page 25)
  • Why pitching is single handedly the best approach for service based businesses. (Page 25)
  • The hungry crowd platform I discovered from my software company that has thousands of businesses who desperately need your service. (Page 25)
  • The first version of my pitch that got responses, but no clients. (Page 27)
  • How to sell yourself. (Page 28)
  • Answering the “what if I don’t even have a portfolio yet?” question. (Page 31)
  • How to create a “MVP portfolio” in under an hour that converts clients. (Page 31)
  • An alternative to the “MVP portfolio” that takes a bit longer, but potentially work better for certain types of services. (Page 31)
  • The one thing your portfolio should be focused on (it’s not having massive amounts of random work). (Page 32)
  • How I quickly got a job, and a testimonial. (Page 37)
  • How I landed my second job, and increased the client value from $200 to $1,200 with the exact pitch used. (Page 38)
  • The reiteration from the original pitch I was using, and discovering the A.I.V.Q. method. (Page 39)
  • The number one goal of any pitch. (Page 40)
  • What exactly A.I.V.Q. stands for, and the purpose of it. (Page 41)
  • Using A.I.V.Q. to land a $1,500 client, showing the exact pitch I used, and the purpose behind all of the individual parts of it. (Page 44)
  • The various different platforms the A.I.V.Q. pitching method can be used on. (Page 48)
  • The exact steps you need to take to put this all into action ASAP. (Page 49)
  • How to make more money from clients with value positioning. (Page 51)
  • Why a lot of people can’t get success from pitching. (Page 56)
  • How to accelerate your pitching and get in front of a lot of eyeballs quick. (Page 57)
  • Why “if you’re not first you’re last” from Ricky Bobby is wrong. (Page 57)
  • Why it’s good to feel like an impostor. (Page 58)
  • Answering the “do I have to hop on calls?” question. (Page 59)
  • How to address client objections on your pricing. (Page 60)
  • Answering the “should I follow up with clients?” question. (Page 62)
  • No means yes (using perception re-framing to your advantage). (Page 63)
  • How to get people to take risks even though they desperately want to avoid it. (Page 65)
  • How I went from being a broke drunk to building a successful freelancing career. (Page 66)
  • What to do if you don’t land your first pitch (the solution is incredibly simple). (Page 67)
  • Why making too much money can be bad. (Page 67)
  • How to scale your freelancing career efficiently. (Page 68)
  • The worst case scenario from following my advice (hint, it’s not that bad). (Page 70)