New Training Reveals: "How To Actually Make Sales From Email"

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Step 2: Read My Time Sensitive Letter To You Below

From: The Desk Of Colton Randolph

Wichita, KS.

Dear friend,

If you'd like to be able to write emails that build a relationship most importantly sell, this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

And look, I get it...

You have goo-roo's left and right telling you "email is dead".

I know, I know.

But it isn't.

It's still the most profitable source of traffic.

That is... if you do it right.

Long gone are the days you can just send blatant pitch after pitch to your email list and see sales roll in.

In modern times if you want to sell, you have to build a relationship first.

Which is why I developed my "A.E.E.P." method.

It stands for:





First you need attention.

Which is what marketers typically call a hook.

Beyond a headline.

What's the subject of your email going to be so that you stand out?

It could be for example (like I showed in the video above) going to the gym.

One day I went to the gym, and saw a guy sneeze on the bench bar without wiping it down.

    Boom, that was my hook. 

    Something that ultimately had nothing to do with my industry but caught attention, in which after the hook I bridged it back into something relevant.

    Second you need to entertain.

    If you look around a lot of peoples emails lack personality.

    It seems like you're talking to a robot.

    "Beep boop here's my thing click here and buy it."

    There's no stories, there's no personality, there's no emotion.

    That kind of stuff doesn't build a relationship, and without a relationship, you won't get the sales you want.

    Third you need to educate.

    Catching attention gets eyes on you, and entertaining builds a relationship.

    That's all fine and dandy, but without proving your authority in your marketplace no one will buy.

    You also need to bridge back into a lesson, you have to show case your authority so they'll actually buy.

      And finally, you pitch.

      At this point you're golden.

      Eyes are on you, you've got a relationship, and you've proven yourself as an authority.

      All you gotta' do?

      Give them what they want.

      An offer that solves their problem.

      You see people actually like buying when they like you and trust you.

      This is the literal formula on how to actually make sales from email.

      Now, I'll cut to the chase...

      I have two choices for you:

      1) You can go and try to use this formula on your own.

      2) You can have me hold your hand, and show you exactly how to do it.

      That said:

      I'm holding a challenge.

      Every day I'll send you a new lesson with a daily task to match.

      Here's a glimpse of what we'll do:

        Finding your buyers audience.
        Setting up ads using an approach where you practically get paid to build your list.
        Setting the bait, and luring them in.
        Getting your emails read and actually enjoyed, so they look forward to a new email every day.
        Systemizing this whole process, after learning the A.E.E.P. method you'll need to spend maybe 15 minutes a day creating a new email to send out (slacker friendly).
        Ultimately: turning your list into a cash cow.

        At the end of the day...

        The goal is for you to get:

        Leads, sales, or both within 7 days.

        Now, you may be asking....

        Who will this work for?

        Consultants & coaches
        Service providers
        Affiliate marketers
        Publishers and information product creators
        Brick and mortar businesses
        Really anyone who has an offer and wants to get more eyes on it.

        So, if you're worried if it'll work for you the answer is yes.

        Providing you're willing to write and put in a little elbow grease.

        This stuff does actually work.

        Don't just take my word for it...

        Here's what Chance O'Connor had to say, a previous member of the challenge:

        There's also a reason peers who have done millions online praise my ability to write email copy.

        Like Dan Dasilva, an advertising expert with over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube:

        Here's the deal:

        Normally the cost to join the challenge is $35.

        But I'll cut you a deal if you join today.

        I'll slash 80% off the price and let you join today for a measly $7.

        The catch?

        You have to join before the timer below hits 0.

        Here's my crazy guarantee:

        I stand by all my products.

        You can go through the entire 7 day challenge.

        And if for whatever reason you don't love it, I'll refund all of your money.

        You have a full 30 days after the challenge ends to ask for it back.

        All that said, all you have to do to join is click the button below:

        Join The A.E.E.P Challenge Now

        Limited time offer: Save 80% by enrolling before the timer above hits 0.

        See you on the other side,


        If you're like me and skip straight to the end...

        Here's the rub:

        I'm holding a 7 day email copywriting challenge, every day you get a new lesson with a daily task to match.

        The cost to get in is normally $35 but if you enroll now (before the timer above hits 0) you save 80% and I'll give you it for $7.

        The goal is for you to get leads, sales, or both within 7 days or less.

        You're also covered by an ironclad 30 day refund guarantee.

        All you gotta' do to join?

        Click here now.

        Step 1 of 2:

        What email do you want to use to join the challenge?