Finally… Your Unfair Advantage To Writing Words That Sell

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Picture this…You have the best product or service around.You launch it.Just for it to fall on deaf ears.A grand total of zero sales notifications.*cricket sounds intensify*

I have some news for you:

It’s because your copy sucks.

It’s unable to grab attention, communicate your value, and entice them to take action.

But, what if you could…

  • Write amazing copy that excites and converts.
  • Be able to pitch your service or product to a cold audience and close like crazy.
  • Have the ability to land clients on demand and position yourself as an authority with ease.
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Success doesn’t come easy.


Howdy, I’m Colton Randolph, a copywriter by trade.

Getting consistent gigs that paid me what I actually deserved was a struggle.

To improve my craft:

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I wrote an ad by hand everyday, for a year.

Studying the greats of direct response copywriting.Such as Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and David Olgivy, to name a few.After writing tons of ads…Jotting down all my notes in my trusty notebook…

I realized all successful ads used the same 17 copywriting principals.

It didn’t matter what market, product, or service.All of these ads had the exact same 17 principals.So I took it, and used it for my own copywriting services.All of a sudden, my creatives were converting like crazy.I had “cracked the code” to my copywriting career.Clients not only actually wanted to work with me, I was even getting referrals for the first time ever.Now, I’m giving you an opportunity to have these exact same 17 key copywriting principals.I took them, and turned it into a course.Coined:

“The Copywriting Cookbook”

Now it’s not for everyone…This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme.However…If you’re willing to learn, and write…(Yes, this does actually take work.)You’ll reap the benefits ten fold.

It’s not like other cookie cutter courses.

It’s real, actionable techniques, and in some cases, even templates.You’ll not only be able to know what worked for me (and what didn’t)…But what works for every successful ad, ever.(Trust me, I’ve relentlessly studied the greats.)

For example:

Here’s what Dan Dasilva, an advertising expert had to say about my copy…

I use the same exact copy techniques you’ll learn inside.They’re battle tested, and proven to work in any market… for anyone.[/text_block]
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It doesn’t matter if…

  • You’re a beginner looking to start writing.
  • You’re a novice looking to hone your craft, and win more clients.
  • You’re not a copywriter, simply looking to increase your sales.
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Some of the tips inside the course include:

  • The sneaky headline formula to immediately catch attention (most important part of any copy).
  • How to craft daily marketing emails about your life that form unique bonds with your audience while creating value.
  • The effortless way to get your audience to read every line of copy.
  • The unique way to plug your products or services daily without annoying your audience.
  • Why I don’t do something 99% of “gooroos” do, and how it rewards me handsomely.
  • How to take an existing product or service that’s flopping and fix it by simply packaging it differently.
  • How to take a skeptics criticism and turn it into sales.
  • Utilizing the “Donald Trump” marketing approach to increase your sales.
  • The non-hypey way (that doesn’t turn off prospects) to writing profitable copy.
  • The secret 17 copywriting principals all successful ads use.
  • And more…
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But that’s not it…

You’re not just getting “The Copywriting Cookbook”.

I’m also going to throw in some bonuses…

“Bulletproof Brands”

  • How to know your audience so well, you know how often they take a piss.
  • Creating messaging that aligns perfectly with your audience.
  • Using your voice in an authentic way you stand out in any market, even the most jaded of markets.
  • How being unique may kill some sales but make up for it ten fold with those that align with your voice.
  • And more…
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“Pitch Perfection”

  • How to pitch your service so that it doesn’t go straight to the trash bin.
  • The key to positioning yourself as an expert to someone you’ve only exchanged a single email with.
  • The ultimate way to get your foot in the door as a novice without spending any ad spend.
  • The exact pitching template I use.
  • The sneaky way to find your ideal prospects.
  • And more…
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Last, but not least… “Clients On Demand”

  • Crafting a funnel that’ll keep your client pipeline damn near broken constantly.
  • The simple yet underused funnel I’ve used for years to win clients.
  • The sneaky tactic to close an insane amount of sales calls without coming off as salesy.
  • A sneak peak behind the ads that go into client based businesses (like copywriting).
  • And more…
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I can’t possibly make this any easier for you…

To recap, here’s what you’re getting:[/text_block]
  • The Copywriting Cookbook, the actionable techniques to write effective words that sell in any market ($197 Value)
  • Bulletproof Brands, how to understand your audience perfectly, and using a unique voice that sales ($47 Value)
  • Pitch Perfect, how to close service based deals like clockwork without any paid ads to entirely cold audiences ($67 Value)
  • Clients On Demand, utilizing paid advertising and funnels to make getting clients super easy ($97 Value)
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You’ll be getting the Mona Lisa of copywriting training.

Which, will make you a whole lotta’ Franklins.

Here’s the deal:

“The Copywriting Cookbook” alone (without the bonuses) is publicly priced on my site for $197.

But, today, you’re getting a killer deal.

Only available on this very “back door” page.I’m going to give you “The Copywriting Cookbook” and all bonuses…For just one easy payment of $197 $97.That’s over a 50% off discount obtainable only through this “back door” page.

I want to take all the risk off your shoulders.

I 100% guarantee you’ll love this course or I’ll refund you every penny AND let you keep the course.Simply email me at [email protected] within 31 days of your purchase and I’ll send you a quick and easy refund, no questions asked.I’ll even cover the processing fee.How’s that for fair?

You have two choices:

First:Do nothing. Nothing will change. Maybe eventually you’ll get it.Second:Invest a measly $97 in yourself, learn from my mistakes, and skip the struggle.Worst case scenario if you don’t see results…You’ll get all of your money back, keep the course, and get a free hour long consultation worth a real value of $250.Your choice.All you have to do is click the button below to get started:[/text_block]
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Get The Copywriting Cookbook
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To sweeten the deal…

Order now and you’ll get one MORE bonus… I’ll throw in an hour long recorded sales call where I close a $5,000 copywriting client (because I actually practice what I preach) so you can hear exactly what I say.This way, you can take action NOW – all together this amounts to:
  1. You know how to write words that sell.
  2. You know how to pitch (or run ads and build your email list).
  3. You know how to close them on the phone.
There’s literally nothing holding you back at this point. You have every piece to the puzzle.An insane value and it’s yours free, just for giving “The Copywriting Cookbook” a try.Click the button below to get instant access:[/text_block]
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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Like I said at the beginning, this is a game changer for you.See you on the other side,[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]P.S. In case you’re the type of person that just skips straight to the end (like me) here’s the deal:I’m giving you “The Copywriting Cookbook” the literal 17 step formula for writing words that sell.It doesn’t matter if its long form text, VSL, webinar or beyond. It’ll work.Plus, I’m throwing in a few bonuses:I’m also giving you “Bulletproof Brands”, which shows you how to build a lifelong brand.“Pitch Perfection”, that shows you how to land clients without spending any money on ads.Last but not least, “Clients On Demand”, which shows you how to utilize ads, funnels, and emailing to land clients like clockwork.And:As a fast-action bonus, if you order now I’ll throw in a recording of me closing a $5,000 copywriting client so you can hear exactly what I say.For just one easy payment of $97.There’s no fake scarcity with this offer.The standard pricing for “The Copywriting Cookbook” alone is $197.Being that you’re on my email list, this is a special “back door” page offer not available anywhere else.I’ll be taking down this page soon as the purpose is to reward my most active followers.It comes with a 30 day no questions asked refund guarantee.There’s really nothing to lose.Worst case, you keep the course and all bonuses and get your money back.Click here to get access now.You won’t regret it.[/text_block]
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Frequently asked questions

Who is this designed for?

It’s specifically designed for copywriters, or those that want to get into writing copy.

However, the same principals taught will work for any business. It doesn’t matter if you run a Shopify store or are a fitness coach, effective copy will still improve your bottomline.What’s the refund guarantee? It’s a 31-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.Simply email me at [email protected] if you aren’t satisfied and I’ll refund you.What’s the catch?There is no “catch”. I make the majority of my money doing client work.This is simply to help out others, taking all my knowledge and putting it into a course.The only “catch” is I hope to impress you so much you’ll hire me in the future.Will I receive instant access?Yep, it’s available instantly after purchasing it.Do I need to invest any more money after purchasing?No. This is not only designed to improve any existing businesses sales doing exactly what you do now, but better…But I also designed it to teach you the art of pitching so you don’t have to invest in any paid traffic.“Clients On Demand” however is focused for the intermediate level and utilizing paid traffic… only after making serious money.Do you accept PayPal?Yes, we accept PayPal. In addition to all types of cards.[/text_block]
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