-50% portfolio feels

Fed money printer goes brrrrr.Fed try to fix money printer going brrr.Fed beat dead horse into smoothie.Everything crashes.People planning on quitting their jobs suddenly start picking up extra shifts.Ape start conserving

kamikaze japs to billionaires

Honda...Many know them today as the creators of a long lasting, fuel efficent vehicle.Back in the 60's though?They knew them as the savages that bombed Pearl Harbor, and the people

open loops

I hopped on a zoom call with a past client this morning.My last work for him was a long form text sales page.This time, he was looking for a new
no sleep

couldn’t sleep so here’s an email

It's currently 12:06 AM here in Kansas as I write this email.I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to open up Word and add a little bit to the book
ferrari on fire

Ferrari’s real business model

Enzo Ferrari started off racing for Alfa Romero in the 1920s, he was an avid racing enthusiast. After a few successes he retired himself from racing in 1932 and switched to

Swiper no swiping

No, I'm not talking about Dora the Explorer.I'm talking about copywriters and marketers who can't write a single ad or email for themselves without blatantly copying someone else.And let me

Stalking the desk

I've spoken about John Carlton before, the copywriter of copywriters.In one of his books, he mentions "stalking the desk" which is when you know you have to write something, but
hustle culture

Why The Hustle Culture Is F*cking Dumb

You look on Instagram, first result is #hustle #entrepreneur... glamorizing ruining your sanity 24/7 to maybe move the needle a little bit faster.Then what happens? Burn out. You feel like