question everything

Socrates is a well-known philosopher from ancient Greece.Approximately 5th century BCE.Another group of philosophers prevalent at that time was the Sophists. There's a big difference between them, though.The Sophists were primarily salesmen.They


Netflix recently released Tinder Swindler.The concept is essentially a guy that's been a conman since 17 formed a pyramid scheme swindling people he found off of Tinder.He would convince them

this is insane (update)

Yesterday I sent you an email about the VA from hell, and a new ad campaign I launched for a client.I said the leads were coming in at $3 a pop.And,

the VA from hell

I turned in an entire funnel I did for a client about 3 weeks ago.I've been waiting on her VA to plug everything in and make it fancy.My job is

the case of the missing nazi brain

Heinrich Himmler was the creator of what we know as the holocaust. Either the 2nd or 3rd in charge of the Nazi's, depending on what day.During the crumbling of the Nazi

the rumors are true (i’m retiring)

Today I was made aware of someone looking for a VSL.To which, I sent a pitch with an example of a past VSL I've created.The same one I sent to

sniper vs shotgun advertising

In Claude Hopkins book, Scientific Advertising, he speaks about being specific.Which, by the way, compare Hopkins to modern advertising as you would Freud to modern psychology. 99% of information products simply

snowed in

I live in Wichita, KS.The biggest city in Kansas.We get pretty much every season here.It gets hot during summer.Spring gets rainy.During fall, it starts getting cooler, and leaves start dropping.Winter?We

when personalization backfires

I'm opted into a lot of different lists.Across multiple different industries.Supplements, fitness products, finance... you name it.It helps in keeping you sharp.Specifically, when you know some of these businesses are