Fed money printer goes brrrrr.

Fed try to fix money printer going brrr.

Fed beat dead horse into smoothie.

Everything crashes.

People planning on quitting their jobs suddenly start picking up extra shifts.

Ape start conserving bananas.

Ape go back to buying milk for $15 and bread for $20 because fed money printer already went brrrrrrr.

That’s the timeline of the last week or so.

Specifically crypto, though regular stocks, and even index funds are blood red.

(Crypto is more speculative, of course it’s going to be more volatile.)

It’s the ultimate test of patience, though.

Governments tend to make poor decisions.

Markets go up and down.

Since 2020, it’s been an insane bull market, anyways.

It’s well due for a correction.

My IRA, which is just an S&P 500 index fund did like 20% last year.

The GME fiasco taught me how to have balls of steel.

I was up like 300% in the course of a week, and then went down -50% in like, a day?

The important lesson here, though:

Markets can’t go up without going down.

It’s an overdue correction, feds have to get inflation in control.

The 20% gain means a lot less if your money is worth 7% less by the end of the year.



I’m 23, I have at least another 30 years before I really need to be conservative.

And at that point, if you’re 50+ still out here playing with volatile investments instead of rock solid investments, blue chips, you need to fire your ape off of Wallstreet Bets, and hire a financial advisor. 

I’ve been using crypto since 2015 on Hackforums (where I really got introduced to this whole “making money off the internet thing”), and there’s been at least two seperate times where they thought the bubble had burst and would never come back.

It always does.

Granted, personally, I feel like ETH will flip BTC due to utility, but I don’t think it’s that time yet.

If you buy into the S&P 500, you believe in the american economy as a whole (pretty safe bet, we have Musk here).

If you buy into Ethereum, you believe in the utility of cryptocurrency and what it could become with age.

If you buy into Apple, you believe they have what it takes to create the best technology products.

A market correction doesn’t change any of that.

It’s a matter of patience.

That being said, you know what’s totally 100% in your control?

Your business.

The only thing you need to do is keep selling your product/service, and delivering great work.

You don’t rely on crypto or the stock market to do that.

You only rely on yourself.

You won’t wake up one day and you’ve lost 50% of your money.

As long as your works still good, you’re set.

Now, if you do have a great product or service…

I can take over the selling aspect, you just have to keep delivering it.

The details are here.

Talk soon,

Colton “Ape” Randolph

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